Multiple Teams · Wrestling Awards 2021

The wrestling team held their awards banquet for both boys and girls. The following athletes won awards and were recognized in front of their team and parents for their hard work and achievements this season.

Girls Wrestling Team:

 Sportsmanship: Adriana Calix 
Hardest Worker: Kathleen Ceron 
Most Coachable: Marinthia Mendoza 
Student Athlete: Bethany Gardner
Most Improved: Sherlyn Orduno
Most Inspirational: Kiyani Benally
Outstanding Wrestler: Arleth Antonio 

Boys Wrestling Team:

JV Outstanding: Tyler Craven
Sportsmanship: Andres Calix 
Hardest Worker: Gary Gonzalez
Most Coachable: Carlos Ruiz 
Student Athlete: Gavin Huber
Most Improved: Alejandro Romero & Isai Hernandez
Most Inspirational: Patricio Vazquez
Outstanding Wrestler: Park Beeler


Gavin Huber
Marinthia Mendoza
Sherlyn Orduno
Kiyani Benally
Girls Award Winners
Boys Award Winners
Arleth Antonio
Bethany Gardner
Kathleen Ceron
Park Beeler
Andres Calix
Alejandro Romero
Isai Hernandez
Tyler Craven
Carlos “Chango” Ruiz
Patricio Vazquez
State Champion Park Beeler & State Runner Up Arleth Antonio Boys & Girls Outstanding Wrestlers 2021